Monday, March 26, 2012

No Vision Insurance? Maybe we could help...

Yearly eye exams are important!

We know many businesses are unable to provide vision coverage and because of this Wing Eyecare created the "Wing Vision Plan" to provide benefits for corporations employing 10 or more people that do not have or provide vision coverage.

Specific benefits of the plan are outlined below:

Upon presentation of the Wing Vision Plan membership card at any Wing Eyecare office, all employees and family members are entitled to the following benefits:

Eye Exam for Glasses: $49.00
Eye Exam for Contacts: $89.00*
(*soft spherical contacts)

Eyeglasses: 30% off (retail)
Contact Lenses: 10% off (retail)

Also Available:
2 year eye wear service plan $24.00

*Note: Discounts may not be combined with any insurance plan or other discounts.

If you are interested in this plan please email us at


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