Sunday, February 24, 2013

What Type of Contact Lenses Are Right For You?

Wing Eyecare Eye Doctors Recommend Daily Contact Lenses

We're always looking to find ways to better help educate our patients about eye care. We've added three new pages to our website that help explain the differences of daily, monthly, and bi-weekly contact lenses. For your convenience we've listed the content below:

Daily Contact Lenses
Daily contact lenses are highly recommended by Wing Eyecare eye doctors. They are the healthiest way to wear contact lenses, providing a clean, sterile new lens every morning. They are the most convenient way to wear contact lenses. No cleaning or storing required. Daily lenses are the most compliant way to wear contact lenses. Daily disposable wears are 98% more likely to follow the daily routine, giving them the healthiest experience.
Daily lenses are comfortable and affordable. Many daily disposable lenses cost about a $1 a pair. Some manufacturers also offer mail-in-rebates.
Daily contact lenses are:
  • The healthiest contact lens option available
  • Available for astigmatism and multi-focals.
  • Affordable (About $1/day)

Monthly Contact Lenses
Monthly contact lenses have a very easy, simple replacement schedule. Replace your monthly contact lenses on the first of each month. These lenses are recommended over two week (bi-weekly) lenses. While monthly lenses are preferred and recommended over bi-weekly lenses, they are still susceptible to over wear which can be harmful to your eye health. Please make sure you replace these lenses every 30 days or as instructed by your eye doctor and/or optician.
Monthly contact lenses are:
  • Available for astigmatism and multi-focals
  • Available in high-oxygen silicone/hydrogel materials.
  • Available in 30 day continuous wear or extended wear (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
  • Lowest cost among annual supplies of contact lenses (12 pairs).

Bi-Weekly Contact Lenses
Two week replacement contact lenses have the least compliant modality. Many patients forget when to replace their lenses on a two week schedule. This can lead to over wearing your contact lenses. Over wearing contact lenses is very unhealthy for your eyes. By extending the wear of your contact lenses you can restrict the amount of oxygen that reach your eyes. This could possibly lead to a corneal infection. Replacing your contact lenses every two weeks is critical to your Eye Health.
Dr. Charles Slonim an opthamologist and University of South Florida professor says "People often use razors to the point where they can’t be used anymore — you often throw it out once it cuts you. Then you know it’s no longer good. You don’t have that option with contacts. Once you get to the point where it hurts, it could be too late.”
Bi-weekly contact lenses are:
  • Available for astigmatism and multi-focals
  • Available in high-oxygen silicone/hydrogel materials.

To find out what contact lenses are best for you please schedule an eye exam at

Monday, February 18, 2013

Contact Lens Service Plan

Wear our contacts with comfort and confidence!
Wing Eyecare offers a Contact Lens Service Plan to all of our patients who purchase an annual supply of contact lenses.You made an investment in the finest quality contact lenses available. We want you to confidently wear these in complete comfort between this visit and your next annual eye exam. To show this, we offer the Wing Eyecare Contact Lens Service Plan (available only for soft contact lenses). The details of the plan are listed below, but all in all this plan is a $242.00 value for only $25.00!

Replacement of torn or lost lenses ($17 Value)

If, during the normal use of your soft contact lenses (worn according to instructions), a lens is torn or lost, simply call us and we will provide free replacement lenses (2 lenses for monthly per annual supply-good for one year.

Cleaning Solutions & Cases ($15 Value)

According to the manufacturer of your contact lenses, Wing Eyecare will provide you with a starter supply of the finest quality contact lens solution with 2 cases free of charge.

Free Consultations Between Eye Exams (Always Free)

If you require to be seen by one of our contact lens specialists for a concern related to your contact lenses, we will see you free of charge for one year following your initial contact lens exam (excludes medical condition treatment).

Savings on Your Next Eye Exam ($20 Value)

With this Service Plan; you are entitled to a $20.00 discount off your next annual contact lens eye exam within 14 months of your last visit. Remember, contact lens prescriptions always expire 1 year after the date of service.

Save 50% on a Complete Pair of Eyeglasses ($140 Value)

Within 12 months of your contact lens purchase, you will receive 50% off any complete pair of prescription eyeglasses (not to be combined with insurance benefits or other discounts).

Save $50 on Sunwear ($50 Value)

With a purchase of an annual supply of contact lenses, save $50 off any in-stock non-prescription sunglasses priced over $99.00.

We care about our patients health. Where else are you going to find a contact lens service plan like this?

You can see this plan on our website by clicking here.