Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kindle Fire HD Drawing is June 28th, 2013!

Our drawing for the Amazon Kindle Fire HD will be held this coming Friday (June 28, 2013).  We've made it extremely easy for you to enter. There are currently less than 60 entries, so your chances quite a bit higher than if you play the lottery. Plus, it doesn't cost anything to enter!

Please take a minute or two to enter. You're feedback significantly helps us become better, and it also helps us spread that word of our products and services. See the complete details below. Thank you!

How To Enter:
1.   “Like Us” on Facebook!
2.   Share your experience with us with a Google Review

Rules & Information:
No employees are eligible to win.
Must have had an eye exam at Wing Eyecare.
1 person will be selected at random
 Drawing will be held June 28th, 2013.

1 Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet

We've made it super easy for you. When visiting all you have to do is select the office you received your services from and it will take you directly to their Google+ Local page. Sign In (or register) and fill out a review. 


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