Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mobile Website Updated!

As expected, we've noticed a significant increase in mobile web traffic. We've updated our mobile website making it more visually appealing and added more content to provide you with more information.

The picture above shows what our 'Locations' page used to look like and what we modified. We've added images of the front of the offices to the page giving it more visual appeal.
We've updated our 'Products' page look and replaced it with an additional 5 pages. We've added a page for contact lenses, eyeglasses, sunglasses, accessories, and included a page that lists some of our most popular brands.

The brands page also includes the ability to look at frames of that brand that we carry. Click on any of the brands that have 'Click for Flickr album' to see frames that we carry. More albums will be ready in the future.

We've also updated our services page to make it more organized and included additional information. We've made eye exam information and pricing its own page, as well as added a page for medical services, Optikam, and the Optomap. For those of you that don't know, the Optikam is a digital measurement system that we use to get proper eye measurements for prescription eyewear. Optikam also gives our patients the ability to compare different frames side by side on their face and gives us the ability to show you the benefits of lens options such as anti-reflective lenses. The Optomap Retinal Exam provides a wide field view of the back of the eye that allows doctors to detect early eye diseases such as glaucoma. All of our doctors highly recommend the Optomap, however there is a small additional fee that insurance does not cover yet.
On our sunglasses and eyeglasses page you may noticed that we've included a new page that has our Instagram feed in it. It gives us the ability to show you pictures of the latest eyeglasses and sunglasses that we carry. We also post pictures of our offices, equipment, and more!

We've made some other small changes to better your experience on the site, including changing the icons at the bottom of the screen, adding a Google +1 button, and changed the way our fields look on the appointment request page.

Visit our mobile website by visiting from your mobile device or directly by going to

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